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Atlas Obscura (April 15, 2021) | What is killing albatross chicks in the Falkland Islands?

Forbes (January 9, 2021) | What a Delay on Canada’s Gestation Crate Ban Will Mean for Pig Welfare

Science (November 12, 2020) | Watch Rare Shorebirds Engage in a Synchronized Water Dance

National Geographic (September 18, 2020) | These Parrots Developed a New Dialect in Captivity. Can Their Wild Kin Understand Them?

Mongabay (August 31, 2020) | Ex-Wall Street ‘Quant’ Wields Data to Replant Charred Madagascar Rainforests

Forbes (July 3, 2020) | Forest Loss Could Be Causing Koalas to Inbreed

Forbes (June 15, 2020) | Why are Seabirds Feeding on the Flesh of Live Whales?

Discover Magazine (April 24, 2020) | Slime Molds Show Us the Perks of Being a Loner

Atlas Obscura (March 24, 2020) | The Ecological Mystery of a Stink Bug Swarm Far Out to Sea

Science (March 4, 2020) | ‘Thirdhand’ smoke can expose moviegoers to the emissions of up to 10 cigarettes

National Geographic (December 23, 2019) | Madagascar’s Famous Lemurs Could Lose Their Rainforest by 2080

Science (November 21, 2019) | Dung Beetles Borrowed Wing Genes to Grow Their Horns

Science (November 5, 2019) | What Do You See When You Look at These Photos–Animals or Humanmade Objects?

Science (October 29, 2019) | Moles Have One of the Most Unusual Walks on Earth

National Geographic (July 30, 2019) | Dolphin Mom Adopts Whale Calf – A First 

Science (June 7, 2019) | Spotted for the First Time: A Fish Holding Its Breath Underwater

Atlas Obscura (May 20, 2019) | Solved: How the ‘Monstrous’ Iguanas of the Bahamas Got So Darn Big

National Geographic (April 9, 2019) | These Fishermen-Helping Dolphins Have Their Own Culture

Science (March 4, 2019) | Amoebalike Creatures Form Digestive ‘Fronts’ to Consume their Prey

Atlas Obscura (February 1, 2019 | The Habitat Restoration Project to Save a Tiny Italian Cave Worm

Science (October 23, 2018) | Birth Canals Are Different All over the World, Countering a Long-Held Evolutionary Theory

National Geographic (October 9, 2018) | These Freaky Fish Use Their Fins to ‘Walk’ Across the Seafloor

Science (September 18, 2018) | Mosquitoes May Be Contaminating Ecosystems with Tiny Bits of Plastic

Discover Magazine (August 8, 2018) | How These Animals Stay Forever Young

Science (July 30, 2018) | The Trick to Snagging a Hummingbird Chick? Good Lighting

New Scientist (July 18, 2018) | How Dodgy Sausages Are Saving a Cute Marsupial From Toxic Toads

Scientific American (July 17, 2018) | Traffic Noise Makes Caterpillars Hearts Beat Faster

National Geographic (July 12, 2018) | Baby Asian Elephants Are Being Crippled by Snares

Discover Magazine (May 25, 2018) | What Magnetic Fields Do to Your Brain and Body

Science (May 8, 2018) | Cowbird Eggshells Could Double as Deadly Weapons

Scientific American (April 13, 2018) | Plants “Eavesdrop” on Slimy Snails

Science (April 11, 2018) | How Blood-red Ants Became Slave Snatchers

Discover Magazine (March 22, 2018) | Let’s Journey Through the Mind of a Dog

Science (March 21, 2018) | Tracking the Elusive Burmese Python—With DNA Clues in the Dirt

Discover Magazine (March 7, 2018) | Coffee: A Most Enigmatic, Ubiquitous Beverage

National Geographic (March 1, 2018) | Exclusive: Mysterious Orcas Filmed Underwater for First Time

New Scientist (January 31, 2018) | Primate Archaeology: Digging Up Secrets of the Monkey Stone Age

Science (January 29, 2018)| Panda Tongues Evolved to Protect Them from Toxins, Study Suggests

New Scientist (January 3, 2018)| Luck of the Devil: How a Tasmanian Icon is Outwitting Cancer

National Geographic (December 13, 2017) | First-Ever Video May Show Pig-Like Animals Mourning Their Dead

Scientific American (November 22, 2017) | Puppy-Dog Eyes May Have Evolved in Stages

Discover Magazine (November 17, 2017) | Darwin Was Right About Bird Vomit

New Scientist (July 12, 2017) | Smart but Dumb: Probing the Mysteries of Brainless Intelligence

Discover Magazine (June 14, 2017) | Surviving the Hunt: Female Elk Get Sneakier With Age

Lab Manager (March 8, 2017) |Making Inroads to Gender Equality in Science

Discover Magazine (November 10, 2016) | Danger Breeds Bias in Schooling Fish

Discover Magazine (September 19, 2016) | Pigeons Can Distinguish Real Words from Gibberish

Discover Magazine (August 3, 2016) | Fecal Feasts Bring Earwig Families Together

The Science Explorer (July 7, 2016) | Octopuses Might Not Be Colorblind After All

The Science Explorer (June 28, 2016) | Fish Keep Crawling Onto Land

The Science Explorer (June 8, 2016) | Why Deer Avoid Running East or West When Threatened

The Science Explorer (May 27, 2016) | Kodiak Bears Have an Uncanny Knowledge of Salmon Spawning Schedules

The Science Explorer (May 25, 2016) | Tiny Predatory Vampires Dwelled in Ancient Seas

The Science Explorer (May 24, 2016) | Surprising 5,000-Year-Old Beer Recipe Discovered in China

PLOS SciComm Blog (March 4, 2016) | Lay summaries, supplements, primers: Scientists (and journals) strive to make science accessible to public (and each other)