Science Writing

These are a few samples of my work. Please contact me for more.

New Scientist (January 31, 2018) | Primate Archaeology: Digging Up Secrets of the Monkey Stone Age

Science (January 29, 2018)| Panda Tongues Evolved to Protect Them from Toxins, Study Suggests

New Scientist (January 3, 2018)| Luck of the Devil: How a Tasmanian Icon is Outwitting Cancer

National Geographic (December 13, 2017) | First-Ever Video May Show Pig-Like Animals Mourning Their Dead

Scientific American (November 22, 2017) | Puppy-Dog Eyes May Have Evolved in Stages

Discover Magazine (November 17, 2017) | Darwin Was Right About Bird Vomit

New Scientist (July 12, 2017) | Smart but Dumb: Probing the Mysteries of Brainless Intelligence

Discover Magazine (June 14, 2017) | Surviving the Hunt: Female Elk Get Sneakier With Age

Lab Manager (March 8, 2017) |Making Inroads to Gender Equality in Science

Discover Magazine (November 10, 2016) | Danger Breeds Bias in Schooling Fish

Discover Magazine (September 19, 2016) | Pigeons Can Distinguish Real Words from Gibberish

Discover Magazine (August 3, 2016) | Fecal Feasts Bring Earwig Families Together

The Science Explorer (July 7, 2016) | Octopuses Might Not Be Colorblind After All

The Science Explorer (June 28, 2016) | Fish Keep Crawling Onto Land

The Science Explorer (June 8, 2016) | Why Deer Avoid Running East or West When Threatened

The Science Explorer (May 27, 2016) | Kodiak Bears Have an Uncanny Knowledge of Salmon Spawning Schedules

The Science Explorer (May 25, 2016) | Tiny Predatory Vampires Dwelled in Ancient Seas

The Science Explorer (May 24, 2016) | Surprising 5,000-Year-Old Beer Recipe Discovered in China

PLOS SciComm Blog (March 4, 2016) | Lay summaries, supplements, primers: Scientists (and journals) strive to make science accessible to public (and each other)